About The Music Drop

The Music Drop is the one stop music service that will make your film or t. v. show complete.  We're an independent music service based in New York, with an extensive music and special fx library.  We probably have exactly what you need already, and if not, we'll have it made specially for your production.  If you have your heart set on an existing piece of music from outside our library, we can help you license and clear it. 

The Music Drop has offers fast, affordable, personable and experienced service in the fields of Music and Music Rights for all aspects of film, television, audio-visual, soundtrack & recording projects.

The Music Drop's fees are competitive, on a per project, per title, or hourly basis, depending on specific services provided.

The Music Drop's clients  include:

-Major Film & Television Studios & Distributors
-Independent  Film & Television Producers & Distributors
-Advertising Agencies      
-Documentary Filmmakers & Distributors
-DVD, Video, Infomercial & Industrial Video Producers & Distributors
-Local, National and International Corporations
-Internet Web Sites, Portals & Radio Stations
-Music Video Companies
-Audio Post Production Companies
-Music Editors
-Live National & International Music Festivals & Events
-Non-profit Organizations
-Major and Independent Recording Artists
-Film, Television & Audio-Visual Composers
-Professional Songwriters
-Record Producers