Music Supervision

-     An experienced, multi-faceted music supervisor allows your musical vision for your audio-visual project to come to creative & financial fruition, saving  time, money and costly licensing problems.

-    Working with an expert music rights specialist helps ensure getting the maximum out of your music budget thru skillful negotiation of the most favorable licensing fees, terms and conditions for the music you want, and accurate "no-holes" delivery of your Music Rights Package to distributors.

-     A skilled, imaginative music supervisor will act as liaison and flesh out the director/producer’s conceptual musical vision in choice of songs and in coordination with the composer. This ensures a cohesive, unique and original musical soundtrack and score for your project and a higher level of success in distribution and marketing.

-     Our in-house digital music editing assures accurate music spotting and editing in a professional, relaxed atmosphere, with proper synchronization to visual and smooth transfers to the audio post house for final mix.

-     Getting an all-in-one integrated music supervision package is money well spent!

The Music Drop provides the following Music Supervision Services:

-     Music Conceptualization -- Preliminary creative input and dialog with director, producer and editor to design a fresh, creative concept for the soundtrack of songs and score for the production.

-     Music Budget -- Script and rough cut spotting; research song cues, provide music budget based upon estimated written and possible song cues, score minutes, type of score, song licensing and music production costs.

-     Music Clearance -- Clear in advance "written specific" or "live" songs and source cues, if any; clear all source, featured, main & end title compositions and recordings.

-     Composer Selection and Hiring -- Provide suggestions and demo reels for review; provide and negotiate composer deal memos.

-     Live Music Scenes -- Hire, coordinate & produce live musician, acapella and/or vocal scenes, including rehearsals, lip synching and performances.

-     Original Music Production -- Coordinate and produce specifically written songs for the production, including hiring of talent.

-     Music Spotting Sessions -- Coordinate music spotting of "directors cut"; act as liaison between composer and director/producer overseeing all music spotting sessions and scoring.

-     Music Editing -- Coordinate laying in of songs & score to picture in digital format prior to final mix.

-     Audio Mix -- Participate and advise in final mix of music into production along with dialog, sound effects, ADR, foley, etc.

-     Music Licensing -- Issue and coordinate execution of final synchronization and master use licenses for all compositions and recordings included in the production.

-     Music Cue sheets  --   Generate a cue sheet containing a complete listing of all song and score cues, timings, authors & publishers for  delivery to distributors and performing rights societies.

-     Distributor's Rights Package -- Compile all music licenses, agreements, memos and cue sheets along with final music budget for delivery to producer in a "music rights" binder, for easy reference and hand-off to distributors and insurers.

-     Motion Picture CD Soundtrack --  Shop and secure a soundtrack CD release for the production, including coordination of all music re-mixing and mastering, and artist, label and publisher agreements and licenses.